NZFurry details: MoonFeather

Name:MoonFeathercharacter picture
Species/Sex:Polywere, kings cheetah X arabian horse/other
Description:MoonFeather is a polywere, they have approx 6 defined forms, and a number of forms inbetween mixture of shapeshifted forms.
Described as a Fey creature.
Can be either male or female or Androg.

Deer X arabian horse X kings cheetah X maned wolf X velociraptor/Utahraptor (If you need a guideline)

The horns and spikes are clear/see-through, with blue hues, texture like smooth crystal.

Personal Details

Real name:-not-shown-
Birthday:February 8

Other characters

Name:Gwinnithcharacter picture
Species/Sex:Egyptian Gryphon, Dragon X Gryphon/female

Contact details

Home page:


Freelance artist/illustrator
accounts also on FA, VCL, SA, and various other art sites.

My birthday is NOT in January, the month 'Feb' is MISSING from the drop down menu!! >:(

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