NZFurry details: Backgammon

Description:Update - new and revamped. Yey.
Backgammon is a black and white fox/husky hybrid, sporting bright blue bangs, black digitigrade legs from just above the knee, black arms elbow to pawfingers, white paw pads, blue eyes and a crazy husky tail, black-topped with white underfloof =D She's usually seen wearing a polo shirt and some shorts, never pants, no shoes. She is also often seen wearing a black aviator hat. Backgammon wears a black spiked collar most all the time and a pair of industrial/cyber goggles on her head. Her ears are white with black tips - both are pierced twice at the base, and in her left ear she wears a double-ended conebell and an industrial single-bar piercing. Her bottom lip - snakebites. Usually rings, but sometimes conebells too. She works as a rock medic: giving help to those in need of medical attention at shows from mosh pit injury etc.


Musician, writer and fursuiter - Central Auckland. See you fellas at Furconz in years to come =D

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