NZFurry details: MayFurr

Description:MayFurr is a anthropmorphic male fox, standing about 6 foot tall. Soft deep red fur covers most of his body except for creamy white fur on his chest, black-gloved hands and paw feet, and creamy-white fur on the tip of his bushy tail. This fox is of a lean, slightly muscular build - well toned without being bulky, giving an impression of efficiency. MayFurr usually wears one of his leather jackets, most often a black one with white irregular-shaped patches, normally hanging open to expose his thick chest-fur. On the back of the jacket is a large patch, featuring a stylised kangaroo and eagle and the legend 'Reckless Angels'. Khaki trousers cover his legs down to his feet, and a pair of black boots complete his usual attire.

Personal Details

Real name:-not-shown-
Birthday:October 8

Other characters

Name:Super Collie (Esmerelda Braithwaite)
Species/Sex:Shetland Sheepdog/female
Description:Super Collie is a female anthropomorphic Sheltie Collie, standing about 5' 8" (1.7m) tall. She has what can be described as a generous yet athletic figure. Super Collie has medium-thick yellow-gold fur over most of her body, except for creamy white fur on her chest, tummy, forearms and inner thighs and a dark brown/black 'saddle' fur pattern on her lower back. Her eyes are a blue-green colour, and she has a long flowing aubern mane which usually winds up draped over one shoulder.

Outfit -
* Dark-blue spandex bikini with gold trim.
* Dark-blue heavy velour cape with gold and obsidian "love-heart" breakaway clasp.
* Dark blue leather boots, medium heel.
* One gold bracelet on each wrist, each bracelet inlaid with a single ruby gem.
* Metallic "garter" band on left leg, inlaid with mysterious jewels.

Full description -

Description:Delilah is a mixed-breed canine female... her tail and general build suggests Dalmatian ancestry, but her coat is a very uniform light shade of grey with no markings, and her large chocolate-brown floppy ears and sharp muzzle suggest something else. Long blonde hair flows down her back and over her shoulders. She can be found dressed in a navy-blue ladies suit jacket and skirt, an elegant white cotton blouse with a simple black neck-ribbon, and black high-heeled shoes complimenting her charcoal-grey stockings – a combination that emphasises her carefully groomed elegance.

Oh yeah... she's a prostitute.

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