NZFurry details: Drakarth

Description:Drakarth is a behemoth of a dragon, 300 foot long from the tip of his snout to the tip of his tail. The front of his neck across his chest and down his 160 foot tail, run pairs of thick rectangular, armor scales, all a dullish yellow color, while the rest of his body is covered in dark jungle green scales.
He walks on all fours, and is about 20 stories tall at the shoulders, although his powerful hind legs can support as well on two, he prefers his natural stance. Out from behind his massive shoulder’s are a pair of large wings, which almost span 600 feet, with a lighter shade of green almost jade coloring. The scales on Drakath’s snout look like they smooth out as they get closer to the tip, but do you really want to get close enough to check?
A pair of pearly white horns protrude from the back of his head, and with his golden eyes and sharp teeth, he looks very much the predator. His body has a few secrets that he may be willing to share with you, if you can befriend him that is. But he does have a kind caring heart and would not wish too much damage to anyone that is unless they try to harm him. As you lower your gaze you see that he stands on 2 forelimbs, both with 3 big claws and a smaller thumb like claw a bit further back on his paw, his rear legs both end in big digigrade feet, capable of crushing a few cars and furs beneath their scaly surface’s, with bigger claws, he must leave deep paw prints in the ground as he moves around. And as you look back up you notice that he is gazing at you, checking you out before he nods in greeting.

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