NZFurry details: Celzic

Species/Sex:White Tiger/male
Description:Celzic was abandoned as a Kitten in the forests of Feudal Japan, as his biological mother knew there was something different about him, he was born an Anthropomorphic Kitten left to find his own way, when he was still blind, he stumbled across a cave, home to a Wolf, being that the wolf had a litter of her own, she accepted Celzic in. During his youth, his parent was taken away from him yet again.. well.. he was taken from his 'mother,' one known as the 'Timelord' had taken him and dropped him in the future which is now the present time.

He has a heavy attraction towards Canines and Wolfes etc. Also a little attraction to humans.

Most recently he brings a bookbag with him to hold books on alchemy and the occasional potion.

NOTE: He does not wear clothes!

Now you must be wondering how he's part wolf.. not only does it have to be with his diet, being fed on Wolf Milk, but he was also a low rank in his pack, meaning the dominant males did have their way with him hundreds of times.
In this, his mannerisms are that of a Wolf's.
The most distinct one is his penis, rather than being barbed like a feline, his took on more of a wolf property, slender, a knot at the base and instead of barbs, there are bumps which are in places that press furiously against pleasureable spots in both males and females.

Personal Details

Real name:-not-shown-user picture
Location:Timaru - Oamaru


I am known as the Fabled Fur From Timaru.

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